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Resources in Monster Legends the game

There are three resources in Monster Legends game. Gold is primary resource used for buildings and upgrades, and essentially everything in the game, including buying new common and rare monsters. Earning gold is very simple task, since all your monsters and habitats earn gold automatically as time passes. Natural habitats are especially good for farming gold, since they are cheap, and have monsters which can make good money with little food. You can also get gold by spending Gems for it, but you can use this option only if you have unlimited source of Gems, like Monster Legends Hack tool. Food is grown on farms, it is used primarily for feeding your monsters and helping them to grow and gain levels. The more they eat, bigger and stronger they will become. Food can also be obtained by spending some Gems, but, again, this option is available only to players with Monster Legends Hack tool because only they have unlimited source of Gems. Gems are premium currency in Monster Legends game. They can be bought with real money only. On some occasions you can get some free Gems. For example, some achievements, like unlocking all monsters from one element, can give you some free Gems reward. There are also offers on net for Free Gems, usually during special events, or in exchange for filling the surveys, downloading free or paid apps, watching demos or downloading and watching free videos. However, all these free offers usually give small Gem rewards, sometimes they even doesn’t work.

How to use Monster Legends Hack Tool

Monster Legends Hacked - Free Gems Added

Using Monster Legends Hack tool is very simple; user friendly interface will help you a lot there. When you start Monster Legends Hack, first thing you need to do is to enter e-mail connected to your Facebook account in the empty text field. Next step is choosing amount of Gems to add to your gaming profile. You can choose between 25, 65, 140, 300, 800 and 1700 free Gems to add to your account. Before clicking on “Add Gems” button, there is one security option you can activate at will. It is “Use proxy” option for increased safety. Selecting this option will hide your IP address and make it impossible to track down Monster Legends Hack origins. However, if you happened to buy some Gems with real money before you used Monster Legends Cheats, you can skip this option; our tool will work fine without it. If you didn’t spend any money so far on Monster Legends, it is better to turn on “Use proxy” option because Monster Legends Hack will work 100% safe and efficiently in that case, although hacking process will take longer to finish. Last step is clicking “Add gems” button. Wait for the green bar to fill up and after you see the message “Success! Gems added to profile” you can close Monster Legends Hack and start the game. Gems will be available immediately although in some cases up to 10 minutes delay is possible.

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